The fitness coach gave me a diet to lose weight, great!

 Good figure, three by practice, seven by eating, fat loss is even more so! However, many people do not know how to eat, what to eat, so the effect of exercise is not satisfactory! What is a reasonable diet? It's very simple, don't eat unnecessary high calorie foods and reduce your calorie intake without damaging your health. Dieting must not be based on the premise of harming health.

Try to keep the following principles in diet during fat reduction

1. Please ensure the intake of three staple foods.

2. High protein and low fat. Chicken, duck, pork and other poultry and livestock are rarely touched (except chicken breast). Although they also have certain protein, they are also high in fat. In order to supplement those proteins, it is not worthwhile to eat so much fat. Eat more fish, high protein and low fat.

3. Reduce the intake of rice, noodles, such as fine grain carbohydrate, eat corn, sorghum, oats and other coarse grain carbohydrates. Unlike fine grains such as rice and noodles, coarse grains are slow digestible carbohydrates (low GI), so they will not release heat as quickly as fine grains and cause fat accumulation, which is conducive to fat reduction. But if you can't use coarse grain as a staple food, then eat rice and pasta normally, don't worry about this and don't eat rice. Please make sure you eat the main food.

4. Eat less fried food, try to choose cooking food.

5. Absolutely do not eat snacks, drinks, biscuits, potato chips and so on absolutely can not eat. 15 kcal / g for rice and nearly 6 kcal / g for potato chips. Two liang rice is 115 kcal, while 100g potato chips (75g for a large bag of Leshi chips) is 550 kcal. The basic amount of a bag of potato chips is 6 liang of rice. Some people who lose weight don't eat dinner. What kind of biscuits, ShaQima, and Dousha cake are going to eat. They are really giving up the whole thing!

6. If possible, please consider eating less and more meals. Increase a small amount of food intake between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, and disperse the amount of Chinese food and dinner into the other two meals. The so-called extra meal doesn't need to eat too much. A cup of milk, an apple, and a corn are all simple meals. Its function is to improve your satiety, increase your basic metabolism, and reduce your lunch and dinner intake.

The following is a simple diet plan to reduce fat for reference

[specific plan for ordinary three meals]

Breakfast: 1-2 eggs + milk / soybean milk + steamed bun / cereal / steamed bun / whole wheat bread / cucumber.

Lunch: roughage (beans / corn / cold potato / oatmeal / Oatmeal Bread / whole wheat bread / cereal) + a small bowl of rice + some vegetables + fish.

Dinner: a small bowl of rice + egg / tomato scrambled egg / cucumber scrambled egg / leek scrambled egg + kung pao chicken / beef fillet / stir fried shredded potato / stir fried yam / broccoli / Braised Beef with potato / braised fish.

[five meal / six meal plan]

The so-called extra meal does not need to eat too many things, a cup of milk, an apple, a corn are simple add meal. These things, whether they are office workers or students, can be carried with their bags.

It's between breakfast and lunch (about 3:00 a.m.) and dinner.

If you are really hungry at night, you can add a corn or an egg four hours before going to bed, or you can make your own oatmeal. Don't eat for three hours before going to bed

Fitness coach's diet

8: 00 breakfast

What to eat: porridge, milk, eggs.

Reasons: grains provide essential carbohydrates, porridge or porridge is easy to digest; milk and eggs are the supplement of protein, milk can also be replaced by orange juice, vitamin C supplementation can make the morning spirit better.

10: 00 plus meal

What to eat: half an apple.

Reason: apples are low calorie, coarse fiber fruits that help eliminate hunger. Because it's close to lunch time, half an apple is enough.

12: 00 lunch

What to eat: Rice (70g), fish (100g), shrimp (80g), vegetables (100g).

Reason: fish and shrimp are high protein and low calorie food. Vegetables provide satiety and rich dietary fiber helps digestion. At week 4, the rice needs to be removed.

15: 30 plus meals

What to eat: black coffee (350ml) + whole wheat bread (2 slices) or a banan

Reason: black coffee is good for heart function and does not contain fat. It is a rare drink in rapid weight loss training. It should be noted that if you choose whole wheat bread with coffee, you should avoid eating bananas. The combination of coffee and banana is a big burden on the digestive system.

18: 30 dinner

Mixed fat salad

Ingredients: lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower / broccoli, salmon, boiled chicken breast, a small amount of peas.

Practice: add vinegar or oil vinegar juice mixed together, do not use salad dressing, the heat is too high.

Reason: a mixed fat salad can fully meet the nutritional intake of a dinner, and can be used as a dinner choice to adjust the taste. Pay attention to the amount of each meal intake to seven points full is appropriate. All ingredients do not add cooking oil cooking, boiling, steaming, stewing is the best way.

21:00 supper

What to eat: low calorie fruit.

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