Parents should know how to lose weight

 Children are the treasure of the family. They can buy everything they want and satisfy what they want to eat. They will grow bigger and fatter. In fact, children are too fat will affect development, so parents should timely control, never regret.

Now the situation of children's obesity is more and more, many children become a fat man when they are young. The probability of adult obesity inducing various diseases is several times higher than the reasonable weight. Not to mention the children in the development period, if their body is too fat, it will lead to a variety of diseases at a young age, which will affect the development of body organs and height. For children's health, obese children must lose weight as soon as possible.

How should children lose weight? Harm of drinking milk tea for children? Can children lose weight through exercise

How should children obesity lose weight?

1、 Diet control

Nowadays, many children are arrogant because their parents dote on their children too much. They will give whatever they ask for and satisfy everything they cry. For example, in terms of diet, they don't like to eat food. They eat chips, chips and other snacks for three meals a day, and often order takeout such as fried chicken and hamburger for lunch and dinner. These foods contain a lot of fat and calories, eating all day will lead to excessive heat in children's body, accumulate a lot of fat, and the body will soon become fat.

In addition to food, some children especially like to drink drinks, such as milk tea, Sprite, cola and so on. Parents dote on their children. They will be satisfied if they want to drink. Even give them a lot of pocket money, tell them to buy if they want to drink. Children are still young, do not know what is harmful to the body, only feel delicious will eat a lot. Milk tea and other drinks, sugar is very high, often drinking will lead to high sugar content in the body, a long time is easy to affect the body metabolism, and may even induce diabetes.

How should children lose weight? Harm of drinking milk tea for children? Can children lose weight through exercise

Weight loss advice:

1. Parents should correct their children's eating habits. They should eat three meals a day and prepare nutritious dishes for their children. Meat, vegetables and fruits should be matched in proportion.

2. Don't give the child pocket money, tell him to eat at home to eat full, do not eat hungry have to eat. Can not be used to children, no pocket money can not buy snacks, milk tea and other high calorie food, help control the intake of calories.

3. Urge children to eat according to the amount of food they eat every day. No matter what kind of food they eat, they should not eat less or eat more. Get rid of the habit of partial food and picky food. Long term partial food always meets oneself to like to eat to eat many, does not like to eat one mouthful not to touch, will damage the gastrointestinal function, is not conducive to digestion. Over time, the gut accumulates a lot of food residue, which can lead to the abdominal longer and fatter.

3、 Proper exercise

Nowadays, many children have mobile phones. Parents buy them mobile phones in order to save time. After going home after school, they used to hide at home and play mobile games. They gradually became lazy and developed the habit of not loving sports. Children are in the development stage, should be more exercise, promote fat burning, in order to avoid obesity. Moreover, in the development stage, proper exercise can also improve lung function, enhance immunity and reduce the probability of illness.

How should children lose weight? Harm of drinking milk tea for children? Can children lose weight through exercise

Weight loss advice:

1. Don't over protect children. Children are at the age of playing. If they want to go out and play, let them go out. Make an appointment with them to go home before a few o'clock, go out for a walk more, play games with classmates, and exercise more, which will help to consume energy and avoid obesity.

2. Parents who work late are advised to get up early and take their children to the park or the sidewalk downstairs for half an hour. This kind of exercise can not only exercise the body, but also improve the feelings and communication with children.

3. Cultivate children's interests and hobbies, such as playing table tennis, badminton, volleyball, learning Taekwondo, judo, etc. Every week according to the schedule of interest classes, so that not only can exercise children's body, but also can cultivate interests, there is a specialty.

Finally, Xiaobian reminds that parents of obese children must urge them to lose weight in time, so as to avoid burying health risks for their children's future.

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