How to lose weight in lactation

How to lose weight in lactation

Lactation weight loss can not be blindly diet, also can not take weight loss drugs, so easy to affect breast milk. Diet can control the intake of calories, but to ensure the comprehensive nutrition. In addition, maternal obesity is usually due to the lack of exercise during confinement, so you can do some relaxed exercise appropriately. In addition, the usual diet can be combined with drinking yishutang lotus leaf tea. Lotus leaf contains rich lotus leaf alkaloid, which has the effect of eliminating fat, which helps to improve people's greasy eating habits, and is of great help to lose weight.

Diet for breast-feeding

1800 card healthy diet for breastfeeding mothers

Breakfast: 1 / 2 bowl of purple rice rice, steamed tofu with salmon (50g plate tofu, about 2 squares + 35g salmon, 1 teaspoon sesame oil + ginger + onion + seasoning), blanched fresh milk coconut (240C. C. + 50g white coconut + 50g green coconut + 25g mushroom + 25g carrot)

Breakfast fruit: the size of an apple fist

Lunch: purple rice rice, 1 bowl of laver and egg soup, (3 Porphyra, about 10 G + 50 g kelp + half egg), blanching red phoenix dish (100 g red phoenix dish + a little soy sauce), fried chicken breast in sesame oil (1.5 TSP sesame oil, about 8 G + chicken breast meat 35 g)

Fruit for lunch: 2 wax apples

Dinner: 1 bowl of brown rice, fried spinach (100g spinach + 25g carrot + 50g Auricularia + 1.5tsp sesame oil, about 8G), sea bream soup (70g snapper slices + appropriate amount of shredded ginger + water + salt + scallion)

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