Healthy weight loss: don't blindly pursue the speed of weight loss

Obesity not only affects physical beauty, but also brings inconvenience to life. What's more, excessive obesity is likely to cause various diseases, accelerate aging and death. In the face of this danger, today's obese people are more and more aware of the importance of weight loss. Therefore, the consumption capacity of the weight loss market is increasing day by day, and the weight loss products have naturally become the hot selling varieties.

Many consumers blindly pursue the speed of weight loss in the process of weight loss. In order to meet this expectation, many weight loss products always take the promise of fast weight loss effect as a consumption gimmick. The slogan "how much weight should be lost in a few days" often appears in the product packaging, and consumers are always happy to take the speed of weight loss as one of the important factors to decide to buy. However, there is a huge health crisis behind the blind pursuit of weight loss speed.

Medical experts believe that: the scientific way to lose weight is to control the intake of calories and increase the amount of activity, and achieve a balanced diet. Weight loss is a systematic project, need to face rationally, there is no one touch quick method. Therefore, the fast weight loss products that can be promised now have their own disadvantages. For example, diarrhea weight loss products, its mechanism is to reduce the body's absorption of food through diarrhea. Because diarrhea will occur during taking, a large amount of water in the body can be reduced in a short period of time, and the speed of weight loss is relatively fast, which is one of the favorite categories for many weight loss consumers. However, the disadvantages of this kind of products are that they rebound immediately after drug withdrawal, and the resilience even exceeds the previous body weight; moreover, diarrhea can cause gastrointestinal disorders, which seriously affect the health of the body. As a result, they not only fail to lose weight, but also have a healthy body. Another example is substitute food products and nerve inhibition products. The former mechanism is to take the product itself instead of normal diet and rely solely on the product to maintain the normal needs of the human body; the latter is to control the brain through drugs, making the human body produce an illusion, that is, there is no sense of hunger, there is no need for diet. The purpose of these two kinds of products is only one: to reduce the intake of calories to achieve the effect of weight loss. Although the speed of weight loss is effective, a series of diseases, such as malnutrition, anorexia, heart disease, are also produced. Therefore, the so-called fast weight loss is just a beautiful illusion.

At present, L-carnitine is recommended as an international healthy weight loss ingredient. L-carnitine is a component of food and is essential for human metabolism. It is considered as a "vitamin like" nutrient and a key substance in the process of fat metabolism. The reason why it is used in weight-loss drugs is that its most prominent physiological function is to transport fat into mitochondria for β - oxidation, and the energy needed to convert fatty acids into human body is consumed, thus reducing excess fat. But it is not perfect, for the eager to lose weight, because L-carnitine is to promote fat metabolism, so its speed of weight loss is "slow". However, it is precisely because of its "slow" rationality, "slow" science and "slow" safety that L-carnitine has occupied the leading position in the international weight loss market.

L500 tons of L-carnitine is increasing year by year in Europe, according to the information of Loza company in Europe, the consumption of L-carnitine is increasing year by year in the world.

It is because the Chinese people have a deeper understanding of L-carnitine and a stronger sense of consumption that the weight-loss health products containing L-carnitine in the market have been trusted and sought after by consumers. However, it should be noted that weight loss is a long-term and systematic project. Normally speaking, the process of fat reduction is relatively slow. In addition to focusing on these healthy products, consumers should also cooperate with outdoor exercise and reasonable diet. What's more, it is important to adhere to the principle and not achieve it overnight.

The so-called slow is fast, is the scientific weight loss should really pursue the speed!

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