Different types of obesity need different ways to lose weight

 Xiaobian recently found that friends around him began to lose weight again, but they are all using diet and diet pills. They often have such doubts, why do I use the same method as XX, he is much thinner, I am less thin and so on. I told them that obesity is also classified, and can not be reduced by one method. According to the causes of obesity, we should make With different ways to lose weight, let's talk about the general types of obesity and weight loss methods.

Different types of obesity need different ways to lose weight

Edematous obesity

Edema type obesity is mainly due to the body's digestive system operating function is insufficient, resulting in the body's excess water can not be excluded and accumulated in the body caused by obesity. This kind of obesity mainly manifested as "lower body fat", general appetite, but weak hands and feet; do not like exercise. For edematous obese people, weight loss can no longer go on a desperate diet, because the reason why they look fat is not too much fat.

Weight loss method: eat more diuretic food, such as: white gourd, watermelon, cucumber, cabbage, Hami melon, grapefruit, apple, mung bean, etc., eat more starch, protein and vegetables, drink less drinks and reduce salt intake. Do some soothing exercises, such as yoga, jogging and so on. You can also massage with Yun Ze Lu's essential oil and soak your feet to remove swelling.

Muscular obesity

Most of the muscle type obese people are due to the previous large amount of exercise, muscle developed, and then reduce the amount of exercise, fat attached to the muscle caused by obesity. Therefore, compared with ordinary obese people, it is difficult to lose weight.

Weight loss method: try to eat light vegetarian diet, reduce protein intake, eat more fruits and vegetables. Muscle type obese people should be slow and lasting aerobic exercise, increase exercise time, and massage to soften hard fat cells, and ultimately achieve the effect of weight loss.

Different types of obesity need different ways to lose weight

Fatty obesity

Fat type obesity is mainly caused by high intake of staple food, less exercise and slow metabolism of the body. Fat type obesity is generally characterized by general obesity and muscle relaxation. Even when the meat is tight, obvious subcutaneous fat can still be seen free and very soft. The effect of fat obesity on weight loss is generally obvious.

Weight loss method: control diet, do not eat snacks, eat more food rich in dietary fiber, such as celery, carrots, leeks, kelp, etc., to increase satiety and control appetite. Some fat people should be able to do body fat, such as swimming.

Anemia obesity

Anemia obesity is mainly due to the lack of blood in the body, the decline of basic body function, abnormal metabolic function, and eventually lead to obesity. This kind of fat person general performance for appetite is normal, but the abdomen is plump outstanding, the hand foot is thin but the body is fat. Anemia obese people lose weight is not diet and exercise, because the cause of obesity is blood deficiency, so as long as the blood deficiency, and then improve the gastrointestinal environment, Qi and kidney, obesity will disappear.

Weight loss method: eat less fat, greasy food on the drink. Appropriate to eat lean meat, animal liver, chicken, duck, pig blood, (they have a lot of blood needed iron, folic acid), fish and shrimp. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Different types of obesity need different ways to lose weight

The above are several common types of obesity, do not listen to weight loss ads, first of all to their own obesity classification, on the basis of classification in the selection of their own methods, in order to achieve good results.

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