Adult world, easy fat crowd, how should we lose weight reasonably? Reasonable weight control

 Calculate the standard weight and control the weight in a healthy and reasonable way

How long have you been working as a fitness coach? I found a very strange phenomenon. Many young girls who are already thin are clamoring to lose weight every day. I don't have much meat on my body. I'm still skinny.

There is another strange phenomenon, clearly has a big belly man, still feel very good.

Too much weight and too much weight can harm people's health, so you should judge whether you should lose weight or gain weight?

Who weight calculation method

Male: (height cm-80) × 70% = standard weight

Female: (height cm-70) × 60% = standard weight

The normal weight is plus or minus 10% of the standard weight

10% - 20% of the standard weight is overweight or underweight

Over 20% of the standard weight is obese or underweight

Formula for overweight calculation

Overweight% = [(actual weight ideal weight) / (ideal weight)] × 100%

You can judge whether you are too light according to the above formula? Or is it too heavy?

Source 1 of weight gain: body is too full

The risk of obesity in adolescence is lower than in adulthood. Human body in the development period, the body is growing, need more nutrition and more complete.

When you're adult, your body will be fixed in a certain shape, growth hormone secretion will drop, and you won't need so much nutrition.

If you eat more and more, the extra calories are stored in the form of fat.

Source 2 of weight gain: less exercise

After adulthood, because study, work, make originally is upright activity you, become sedentary little move.

We all know that as long as the human body exercises, it will consume energy. Modern people's daily activity does not exceed 2 hours. There were about 22 hours left in a sitting or lying position.

Energy consumption is less, and the extra calories you eat will also be stored in the form of fat.

Source 3 of weight gain: disorder of biological clock

In the office, we often hear the word "Guo Lao Fei". Work pressure, leading to sleep and work time reversal. This seriously affects the biological clock of human beings, thus affecting the hormone disorder in the body. Imagine that the machine can not work properly, you have been filling in, what will happen?

The fourth source of weight gain: too much food with high sugar, high sodium and high fat

The gene in the human body is a preference for high sugar, high sodium and high fat. Without control, it is easy to cause excessive heat. A bag of instant noodles and a bottle of drink may be enough calories for your whole day. For example, which overweight person only eats this kind of food a day?

It's not hard to control your weight by planning a healthy lifestyle

Do a good diet, keep exercise habits, arrange your work and life properly, you will find it is not difficult to control weight.

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